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We have been around since 2008.  It all followed from an idea that Sue (founder) had in 2004 whilst sitting in Peel Street, Tamworth during the Country Music Festival,.  She was acutely aware of the ''plight of the unknown songwriter'' and challenges of having new songs considered for commercial opportunities.  Put simply, if you weren't ''known or knew someone'' it was pretty impossible... 

At the time songwriters were being advised to: find a songplugger'', keep writing, enter contests or find collaborators (to help develop songs) etc.  If you were a singer/songwriter and able to perform your songs then (providing you could get gigs) you could showcase your material.  However, if you were a songwriter and not able to perform (or get gigs)  ... what then.? 

The idea of having an independent online marketplace for uncommercialised original songs and music that would enable industry users to conduct searches and post briefs for material relevent to their commercial needs (at the time) seemed like a good idea...


  • Because industry users are busy and managing hundreds/thousands of submissions of material from unsolicited sources takes up too much of their time. Also, given the ad-hoc nature of receiving unsolicited songs (that were not aligned to their commercial needs at the time) can waste a lot of time and consequently yield very little result.
  • Having 24/7 access to pre-categoried songs and music enabling industry users to sample shortlists of  'relevent'  material makes it possible for new songs and music to have the consideration they deserve. 
  • Song Central's independence enables songwriters/composers and industry users to deal directly (or through appointed agents etc.)

And so, the concept of Song Central (www.songcentral.com.au) grew.  Sue met with a number of industry users and high profile artists/publishers and presented the concept of an online market place for new songs and music to them.  Apart from access to a new source of material and talent, they could also see the potential for greater collaboration between writers. 

Driven by a strong passion to create this opportunity for Australian songwriters, Sue approached the Australian Government for some financial assistance. After an extensive application process she attained some support through AusIndustry and its Commercial Ready Grant Programme. This assistance enabled the project to begin in 2007.   www.songcentral.com.au was launched in July 2008 at APRA's Song Summit in Sydney.  

The site took off as songwriters joined,  thousands of pre-categorised songs were submitted and many industry users signed up!   The site presented opportunities for new songs that included songs for: albums, artist/performers, choirs and music festivals, segments in a new films, nationwide school sing (book and CD) programs, IDOL and others.  Other (less tangible) benefits involved the establishment of  'connections'   between artists, songwriters, producers (across different industries) that ultimately lead to future collaborations and expanded networks.  

Working closely with many of the songwriting associations it then became apparent that Song Central should enhance its services to include hosting songwriting contests on behalf of many of the associations.  www.songcentral.biz launched its first songwriting platform in 2010 and continues to provide services for songwriting contests.  (See Competitions page)

Unfortunately over time, song marketing site,  www.songcentral.com.au experienced technical issues.  These impacted our ability to continue to develop the site and service. But  the good news is a new site is underway.  There have been lessons learned along the way that have provided us with an opportunity to do things better this time.  

In the meantime our song competition platforms have kept us in touch with the many many songwriters who enter the ASA, TSA, SCALA, MusicACT and TheSongComp songwriting contests each year!

But the passion has not gone away.  We believe that ''creativity deserves a chance'' and we are committed to providing a platform that will work for both creators of songs and music as well as an industry seeking to commercialise new songs and music.   


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