What we do

What we do

We provide platforms that give creativity an opportunity for development, to be judged, compete in competitions and/or be considered for commercial opportunities.

Creativity is expressed through many mediums.  Songs, music, lyrics, art, illustration, photography, short film, jingles and performance.

YOU might be a 'creator' - songwriter, poet, lyricist, musician, artist, illustrator, photographer, film producer or an artist looking for platforms to showcase your creative works or performing talent?


YOU might be a songwriting association (or other) looking for a digital platform to host a contest(s) or a producer, publisher, recording artist or label looking for new material and/or talent for your commercial purposes. 


If YOU are a 'creator', our aim is to give you access to platforms that provide opportunities for you t:o:

  • enter your material/talent into relevent contests
  • showcase your creativie material/talent via online marketing facilities
  • find workshops and opportunities for collaboratation to help develop your creative works/talent

If YOU wish to host a contest for creative works/talent or are in the business commercialising creativity and talent we can:

  • provide you with the platform, service and tools to host your contest online
  • give you access to showcased material online where you can conduct searches for material relevent to your commercial needs
  • offer briefs and receive shortlisted responses of relevent material 
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