ASA Membership Fees:

  • Membership -  $69 per year
  • Junior Membership - $33 per year (17 years & under)
  • Senior Membership - $33 per year (65 years & over)


Contest Entry & Critique Fees:

ASA Members:

  • $28 per song entry
  • $18 per song entry (junior members)
  • $22 per lyrics (only) song critique
  • $33 per music&lyrics song critique
  • $42.50 per song in International section

Non ASA members:

  • $38 per song entry
  • $42.50 per song in International section
  • $33 per lyrics (only) song critique
  • $44 per music&lyrics song critique


More info ....

Hi there,

Its always a bit confusing doing things online and what makes it more 
confusing is different sites often do the same things differently!  
So we thought we would add a section (below) to anticipate some of your 
queries and give you some answers and guidelines upfront 
(hope it helps..) 


1.  I registered on this site last year - are my details still there?
No, all data and mp3 files are cleared from the site prior to commencement of this year's contests so it means you will need to REGISTER again.

2.  Where can I see the contest's CATEGORIES for entry?  
On the CATEGORIES page.

3.  When does the contest close for entries?
June 2016 (see Rules page) however the ASA reserve the right to extend the contest for a further period.

4.  Do I need to be a member of Song Central to enter via Song Central's site?
Not at all. Anyone can enter the ASA contest via this site. 

5. Do I upload songs first or do I pay for my entries first?
First, you make your payment(s):

Your ASA membership fees (join or renew) + entry fees  


Just your entry fees  (you purchase 1 entry credit per song you wish to enter)

* All payments are made via the page 

The site uses PayPal to process payments but you don't need a paypal account - just a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX)

6. How do I know  my entries uploaded successfully?
You can check your submissions have been received successfully anytime by logging in and selecting MY ENTRIES under the MY DETAILS option.

If you complete the UPLOAD SONGS process properly you should have no problem i.e.:

  • ensure your  MP3 file is the right format (MP3-128kbps)
  • when uploading your MP3 make sure you wait until you see the green spot appears before proceeding
  • agree to the ASA's Terms & Conditions and THEN press  Submit 

If you have a problem - don't panic.  Everything can and will be resolved in time.  Just email with an outline of your problem and it will get resolved.  Perhaps it won't get resolved immediately, so please be patient, it will ALWAYS be resolved and you will not miss out on entering the contest.

7.  Where can I view the SPONSORS and PRIZES for the contest?
This information can be viewed on the ASA's own website or on the CATEGORIES page

8.  Where can I view the RULES of the contest?
On the RULES page.

9.  Where can I see how much it costs to enter and/or become an ASA member etc.?
On this INFO page


This competition is powered by Song Central

This competition is powered by Song Central

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