Categories & Pricing

Categories for entry:

      • LYRICS ONLY- open section
      • TRADITIONAL – Bev Daniel Commemorative Award- open section
      • BLUEGRASS – open section
      • GOSPEL/SPIRITUAL – open section
      • ANZAC – open section
      • NOVICE – (only unreleased material from a writer/team of which all the members have never won a songwriting contest and are not released/published writers)
      • YOUTH – John P Toomey Commemorative Award for under 18 entrants.  U18 as at close of competition date.
      • COMEDY /NOVELTY- The Geoff Mack Commemorative Award – open section


    • COUNTRY ROCK – open section 
    • COUNTRY BALLAD – open section 
    • COUNTRY BLUES -open section 
    • ALT COUNTRY – open section


    • APRA AMCOS/ TSA NEW Songwriter of the Year- date restricted for first ever commercial release see conditions below:
    • COUNTRY SONG of the YEAR – you cannot enter this section. The winner is selected from any section by a panel appointed by the TSA.

Entry Fees:

TSA Members

  • $15 per entry


  • $25 for each entry