Best ACT:

Concert, Brass or Big Band of 2013

Choral or Vocal Artist of 2013

Classical Solo or Ensemble Artist of 2013

Country Artist of 2013

Folk Artist of 2013 

Jazz Artist of 2013

Blues & Roots Artist (inc world) Artist of 2013

Pop Artist of 2013

Rock Artist of 2013

Indie or Alternative Artist of 2013

Urban (RnB, Hip Hop, Rap) Artist of 2013

Cover Band of 2013

Heavy Artist (Punk, Hardcore, Metal) of 2013

House, Electro or Techno Producer of 2013

Bass Music Producer of 2013

Psychedelic Electronic Music Producer of 2013

Any other awards shown on the MAMAs website are not nominated here. See the Terms and Conditions for details.

Publicly Voted Categories

Best ACT:

Artist of 2013

Live Performer of 2013

Live Music Venue of 2013

Youth Artist of 2013

Music Theatre Production of 2013


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