1. Eligibility

The MusicACT Music Awards (''MAMAs'') are open to all artists who are or were residents of the ACT region (within 100km or 1 hour drive of Canberra) in the last 12 months of submission.  If the applicant is a group of more than one person, at least 50% of that group must be or have been a resident in the last 12 months of submission (e.g. a duo with one person living in the ACT region is eligible).

2. Youth Award Eligibility For Best ACT Youth Artist of 2013

All entrants must be 21 years or under at time of submission.

3. Genre Categories that can be entered are:

• Best ACT Concert, Brass or Big Band of 2013

• Best ACT Choral or Vocal Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Classical Solo or Ensemble Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Country Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Folk Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Jazz Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Blues and Roots (inc. world) Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Pop Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Rock Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Indie or Alternative Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Urban Artist of 2013 (RnB, Hip Hop, Rap)

• Best ACT Cover Band of 2013

• Best ACT Heavy Artist of 2013 (Punk, Hardcore, Metal)

• Best ACT House, Electro or Techno Producer of 2013

• Best ACT Bass Music Producer of 2013

• Best ACT Psychedelic Electronic Music Producer of 2013

Fitting your sound into a specific category is always problematic for some groups. MusicACT have tried to make this process as clear as possible but, where it is still unclear, please contact the awards co-ordinator at Also check out the FAQ on the website for updates on fitting nuanced sounds into categories.

4. Publicly voted categories

The following categories will be shortlisted by a panel of respected music industry professionals and then voted by the ACT public.

• Best ACT Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Live Performer of 2013

• Best ACT Live Music Venue of 2013

• Best ACT Youth Artist of 2013

• Best ACT Music Theatre Production of 2013

To nominate Best ACT Live Music Venue of 2013 please email listing your nomination and no more than 200 words in support of this nomination. It is preferred nominations are from third parties within the ACT music industry (e.g. musicians, audiences etc). The finalists will be based on a panel review of nominations and will then be voted by the public.

5. ACT Song of 2013

The song of the year is selected from the top ACT entrants into the International Songwriter Competition by the International Song Competition judges. This award has already received submissions. The Songwriting Competition judges the ACT finalists and winner. For more information go to

6. MusicACT Awarded Categories

• Hall of Fame Inductees

• Contribution to the ACT Music Industry

• Best ACT Engineer, Studio or Producer of 2013

Nominations for Contribution to the ACT Music Industry and Best ACT Engineer, Studio or Producer of 2013 will be accepted via and will be judged by MusicACT and a panel of music industry peers. Nominations should include reasons supporting the nomination totalling no more than two (2) pages, plus links, videos and other online support. It is preferred that nominations are from people in the ACT music industry, not self-nominated, and include reasons for the nomination such as how the individual or organisation has contributed to the ACT Music Industry, or the number and quality of releases a studio or engineer has produced (reason dependant on award type).

7. Smells Like Centenary Spirit Awarded Category

• Best ACT Live Youth Band of 2013

Winner will be selected through the Smells Like Centenary Spirit band competition – refer to for details.

8. Use of Submitted Materials

By entering the MAMAs all artists agree for their materials, including images and music, to be used by MusicACT for MAMAs promotional purposes on a non-exclusive right, free of charge, basis. This is mostly for use on the public voting website and on the night.

9. Performance at Awards

Finalists may be asked to perform their song at the awards ceremony. Can entrants please, if possible, make yourself available for the evening of November 23rd in the case that you become a finalist.

10. Right Not to Award a Category

MusicACT reserves the right not to award a category if it is deemed insufficient entries have been received. MusicACT will contact those whom have submitted and offer to change their category or refund their submission fee.

11. How To Enter
Via this site Register

Submit the following:

• one MP3 (320kbps) one track per submission

• BIO document to include: (a) biography including career highlights and link your main online site and details of your last 12 months as well as (b) a pic of artist/band

Cost of entry for each song/submission:

MusicACT Members - $11
Non-Members - $22
Prices include GST.
Please remember the MAMAs are a not-for-profit event. This fee allows the event to happen.

12. Closing date for Submissions

Midnight, Sunday 29 September 2013 for all nominated categories.

To confirm, nominated categories are all categories EXCEPT:

• Hall of Fame

• Best ACT Song of 2013

• Best ACT Live Youth Band of 2013

13. Public Voting

Opens: 21st October 2013,
Closes: 6pm Saturday 23rd November 2013
Voting is free to all ACT region residents. Links to the Public Voting platform will be provided on the MAMAs website.

14. Judging

The judging panel is made up of independent music industry professionals from across Australia. These do not include any members of MusicACT or the MAMAs organisational panels. At least three (3) judges will assess each category. All MAMAs entries will be judged anonymously by the judging panel and the judges’ decisions are final.

15. Notification of Finalists

For all awards other than the public vote awards, three finalists will be chosen in each category. The finalists will be notified via email on Wednesday the 17th of October 2013.  Finalists will receive TWO complimentary ticket per entry to the awards night on Saturday November 23 2013.  Additional tickets will be made available to finalists at a discounted rate. Unfortunately, it is not viable to offer all finalists free entry to this event. MusicACT made the difficult decision to limit these free tickets in order to make the event possible – MusicACT ain’t swimming in cash! – please understand this position.

16. Notification of Winners

Winners will be announced on the night of the MAMAs on Saturday November 23rd 2013 at Albert Hall, Canberra.

17. Prizes

All winners will receive free membership to MusicACT for a year, free entry to all MusicACT events during that year, and promotional packages as outlined in 16. Other prizes and opportunities will be provided and are dependent on the category of entry. Examples of prizes and opportunities include such things as interstate showcase opportunities, attendance at national conferences, recording time, co-writing opportunities with national/international song-writing professionals, personal introductions to music industry professionals & businesses, instrument packages and more.

18. Promotion of Winners

The package of promotional activities undertaken on behalf of the winning artists will include, but not be limited to: Presentation of an Award at the annual MAMA, Profiling on the MusicACT website, Promotion of all winners in the final issue of BMA in 2013, Promotion of all winners in local and national music press

19. Promotion of Winners & Use of Materials

All category winners agree to have their winning entry included on various websites for promotional purposes. The MAMAs creates huge promotional opportunities for finalists and winners. MusicACT will notify you of these opportunities as they arise. All category winners agree to grant MusicACT the non-exclusive right, free of charge, to make entered songs available for streaming, together with winner’s name and approved images, by members of the public on a non-commercial basis for the purpose of promoting MusicACT and the MAMAs event. MP3s will not be made available for download by MusicACT.

20. Not Eligible to Enter

MusicACT committee members and staff are NOT eligible to enter the MAMAs.

21. Not Eligible for Re-entry

Winning songs from previous years are NOT eligible to be re-entered. 2012 winners are welcome to enter.

22. Entrants Must Agree

By accepting the Terms and Conditions during the entry process the entrant agrees to accept these terms and conditions.

All further enquiries contact MusicACT:

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