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Hi SLCS entrant!
Below provides you with a quick glimpse of what you will need to do to enter the Play It Loud  battle of the bands on this site:

Step 1.  You need to register a username and password

Step 2.  Complete some registration (contact details etc.) for both yourself and a 2nd member of your band

Step 3.  You will be asked to pay your entry fee of $11 using PayPal (pay via credit card OR PayPal account if you have one)

Step 4.  Upload your entry  as follows:

  • You will be asked to confirm that you (and your band members) comply with the rules of the contest
  • You can upload a YouTube video link of your best song
  • You enter the Song Title in the Song Name field
  • You can upload an MP3 of your best song
  • Enter Bio (information about your band) 
  • Submit a picture of your band (JPG format)

Then its over to the judges! :-)

If you have any questions or problems submitting your entries please contact admin@songcentral.com.au.

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